Social Media Marketing

Social Media has fast become an essential ingredient for any organisation’s digital marketing strategy.

However it is important to know how to use each social media platform to its full potential whilst satisfying the business and marketing objectives.

With millions of tweets, posts, blogs on a range of Social Media channels it is very easy to become part of the ever increasing “noise” and risk people not hearing your message.

Sharing unique quality content is key to a successful Social Media strategy

Using engaging content which differentiates your business from the competition is essential for viral marketing.

Think about using videos, info graphics, artwork, audio or any type of media which encourages people to stop and pay attention to the message or proposition you are trying to communicate.

Be clear, consistent and concise – don’t be too complicated because people like to understand content quickly and easily.

Prolixity is commonplace whereas conciseness is a virtue.

Try not to sell every time you utilise social media and realise that each platform has a different audience which may require a different approach and message.

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